New version of Moon Phase +

A new version of the Moon Phase + app has been released. The new version features a modernisation of the graphics, a new app icon and most importantly a new moon rise and set times panel. This contains the rise and set times of the moon at your location as well as a constantly updated readout of the distance of the moon from earth and the age of the moon – the time since the last new moon.

TodayiPhone RiseiPhonemoon_76

From left to right above – the front showing cleaner graphics, the new rise and set tab, and the new app icon.

The new versions are still fully compatible with iOS6 and they share the new iOS7 iconography.

The free version of the app is forthcoming. It contains the same new features as the paid version however will still display prominent advertising.  A “Remove Advertising” button has been added to the free version in order to make it easy for free users to upgrade and remove the advertising should they wish.

I hope you enjoy this new release, and thank you again for purchasing my apps!

Sunrise Sunset Modern

Now Screen Screenshot_45 Screenshot_46

My latest app is called “Sunrise Sunset Modern”.  It has many of the features of the very popular “Sunset and Sunrise” app and has been written to take advantage of the new capabilities of iOS7.

The app runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices that are running iOS7 and later.

Click the button below to see the full feature list and to download.