Peter Smith does not attempt to collect any personally identifiable or sensitive information. However, some of my products may use non personal information to function.

Your Location

Some of my apps may require you to choose a location on a map or use the location services on your device to gain a location. Where the location is obtained by using the location services on your device, your location is known only to within a 3 mile radius. The app saves this location on your local device for the purpose of providing the functionality of the app and for easy reuse for convenience when the app is next used.

It is not possible to view the location data stored by the apps but the data can be completely removed from your mobile device simply by deleting the app from your device. Follow the instructions provided in the documentation for your device to delete an app from your device.

Advertising and Analytics Services

Some of my apps may show Advertising and use Analytics services to determine how the app is used and when it crashes. The following companies are currently used:

  • Google Admob, Google Analytics and Google Firebase Analytics – Google uses cookies and the device advertising identifier to identify users. Google describes how they use this data at the site “How Google uses data when you use our partners’ sites or apps” which can be accessed at

Privacy Policy last updated 13th August 2016.