Moon Phase App available on the new Apple TV

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Today Apple have released their new Apple TV and I’m pleased to announce that Moon Phase + Professional is a launch title on their new device.

The new app features TV size high definition images of the moon along with the same easy to use interface that you are familiar with, a live image of the moon, real time moon phase countdowns and additionally the date and time of the next full or new moon available at all times.

If you have already purchased Moon Phase Professional then I’m pleased to announce that  the Apple TV version is available to you for free as a thank you for purchasing the professional version of the app.  Otherwise for one inexpensive purchase you get access to all of the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad versions with no advertising. A real bargain!

Click on the button below to link to the App Store to view the professional version of the app, or alternatively buy directly on the new Apple TV.

Thank you again for your support and enjoy the new app.

Download from the App Store