Solunar Hunting App has been updated

I have recently modernised my popular Solunar Hunting app. My last update to this app has not been as popular as I hoped, and taking some feedback on board I have produced this new version. As well as adding compatibility with newer devices – including newer iPads and Apple Watches – I have tidied the weather viewer screen and enhanced the rating system.  The new version is available for download now and the update is free for existing users.

simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-16-16-am simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-15-47-am simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-33-49-am simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-15-37-am

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Solunar Fishing app has been updated

I have modernised my popular Solunar Fishing app. This update brings user interface compatibility with newer devices, a modern look and a new icon. The new version is with Apple for testing and will be released as soon as they approve the update.  The update is free for existing users.

simulator-screen-shot-15-oct-2016-12-14-04-pm FishOne FishTwo simulator-screen-shot-11-oct-2016-12-24-58-pm