Solunar Hunting App has been updated

I have recently modernised my popular Solunar Hunting app. My last update to this app has not been as popular as I hoped, and taking some feedback on board I have produced this new version. As well as adding compatibility with newer devices – including newer iPads and Apple Watches – I have tidied the weather viewer screen and enhanced the rating system.  The new version is available for download now and the update is free for existing users.

simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-16-16-am simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-15-47-am simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-33-49-am simulator-screen-shot-12-oct-2016-10-15-37-am

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Solunar Fishing app has been updated

I have modernised my popular Solunar Fishing app. This update brings user interface compatibility with newer devices, a modern look and a new icon. The new version is with Apple for testing and will be released as soon as they approve the update.  The update is free for existing users.

simulator-screen-shot-15-oct-2016-12-14-04-pm FishOne FishTwo simulator-screen-shot-11-oct-2016-12-24-58-pm


New “Full Moon” App

Full Moon Image 1  Full Moon Image 2 Full Moon Image 3

I have written a new app called “Full Moon – Moon Phases and Moon Sign Astrology”.  It features a modern user interface, very accurate moon sign transition timings, and key astrological effects of each moon sign. Download it now for free on the iTunes App Store.

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Moon Phase apps are now available in French and German

German French

My Moon Phase apps have become popular in Europe so to thank this market I have had the apps professionally translated into French and German.  The update is being delivered by Apple now and if you have a device that is running in French or German the swap will happen automatically once you update.  If these new languages are popular I’ll certainly be adding others.

Thank you again to you, my users, for the kind reviews you have left in the past.  Please do let me know via the support link above if you find any issues. Cheers.

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Moon Phase App available on the new Apple TV

Moon TV 1 Moon TV 2 Moon TV 3 Moon TV 4 Moon TV 5

Today Apple have released their new Apple TV and I’m pleased to announce that Moon Phase + Professional is a launch title on their new device.

The new app features TV size high definition images of the moon along with the same easy to use interface that you are familiar with, a live image of the moon, real time moon phase countdowns and additionally the date and time of the next full or new moon available at all times.

If you have already purchased Moon Phase Professional then I’m pleased to announce that  the Apple TV version is available to you for free as a thank you for purchasing the professional version of the app.  Otherwise for one inexpensive purchase you get access to all of the Apple TV, iPhone and iPad versions with no advertising. A real bargain!

Click on the button below to link to the App Store to view the professional version of the app, or alternatively buy directly on the new Apple TV.

Thank you again for your support and enjoy the new app.

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New version of Solunar Hunting Times App

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Aug 2015 4.14.53 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Aug 2015 4.10.19 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Aug 2015 4.09.58 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 1 Aug 2015 4.27.37 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 1 Aug 2015 4.54.40 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 1 Aug 2015 4.54.59 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 1 Aug 2015 4.55.15 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot - Apple Watch 1 Aug 2015 4.56.18 pm

I have released to Apple a new version of my Solunar Hunting Times App with a number of significant new features. The user interface has been updated to be far easier to read, I have added a weather screen along with future weather predictions, and full support for the new Apple Watch is added – Solunar times are now available on your wrist. Lastly the app has been updated to be fully compatible with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus high definition screens. For the many existing users of this app, this is a free upgrade. Thank you for your support – have a great season!


New Version of Moon Phase app

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.37.53 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.35.59 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.37.40 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.39.41 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 11.43.51 pm

Moon Phase + Free was released in 2013 and has since become the most popular free moon phase app in the world on iOS. The app is based on Apple technologies that were first released in 2011 so the time has come for a major update.

The update is a complete rewrite behind the scenes and moves the app to the latest iOS technologies – refining the user interface and allowing future enhancements. I have been careful to ensure that the app is functionally the same as previous versions to ensure continued ease of use and that educator notes will not require update.

This update focusses on improved iPad functionality including rotation and a major UI tidy up, high resolution graphic support for iPhone 6 and 6+ devices, and bug fixes for older devices such as the iPhone 4s. Requested features such as mile/kilometre conversion and the saving of location between runs have also been added.

The app also will notify you in advance of upcoming lunar events.

The new version runs on iOS7 and later and is available now on the iTunes App Store.


Hair by the Moon

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 24 Mar 2015 4.32.17 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 24 Mar 2015 4.32.21 pmiOS Simulator Screen Shot 24 Mar 2015 4.32.33 pmiOS Simulator Screen Shot 24 Mar 2015 4.32.37 pm

My latest app is a Hair care by the moon app. Just like farmers have grown their crops for centuries using the moon, your hair growth is also influenced by the moon. This app follows up my successful Moon Free app and tells you the best times during the lunar cycle to cut, colour and remove your hair.

The app is available now on the iTunes App Store in both a free ad-supported version and a paid ad-free version.


Big Weather App

Big Weather 1 Big Weather 2 Big Weather 3 Big Weather 4

I’ve always wanted to write a clear and simple weather app that just shows the basics – temperature, humidity and pressure for wherever you are – or maybe where you would rather be. I have written “Big Weather” that does just that. This app has been released to Apple for testing and release.  It supports rotation on iPad and Font scaling for the disabled. The app is free with advertising with a paid option to remove the advertising.


Further love from Cameron Diaz

Thank you to Cameron Diaz and Cosmopolitan/Hearst Magazines for recommending my moon phase app. It appeared in the January 2015 edition of Cosmopolitan USA, and the February 2015 edition of Cosmopolitan Australia.


You can download my Moon Phase app for free by clicking the button below.