Moon Phase apps are now available in French and German

German French

My Moon Phase apps have become popular in Europe so to thank this market I have had the apps professionally translated into French and German.  The update is being delivered by Apple now and if you have a device that is running in French or German the swap will happen automatically once you update.  If these new languages are popular I’ll certainly be adding others.

Thank you again to you, my users, for the kind reviews you have left in the past.  Please do let me know via the support link above if you find any issues. Cheers.

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New Version of Moon Phase app

iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.37.53 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.35.59 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.37.40 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 10.39.41 pm iOS Simulator Screen Shot 27 Jun 2015 11.43.51 pm

Moon Phase + Free was released in 2013 and has since become the most popular free moon phase app in the world on iOS. The app is based on Apple technologies that were first released in 2011 so the time has come for a major update.

The update is a complete rewrite behind the scenes and moves the app to the latest iOS technologies – refining the user interface and allowing future enhancements. I have been careful to ensure that the app is functionally the same as previous versions to ensure continued ease of use and that educator notes will not require update.

This update focusses on improved iPad functionality including rotation and a major UI tidy up, high resolution graphic support for iPhone 6 and 6+ devices, and bug fixes for older devices such as the iPhone 4s. Requested features such as mile/kilometre conversion and the saving of location between runs have also been added.

The app also will notify you in advance of upcoming lunar events.

The new version runs on iOS7 and later and is available now on the iTunes App Store.


Further love from Cameron Diaz

Thank you to Cameron Diaz and Cosmopolitan/Hearst Magazines for recommending my moon phase app. It appeared in the January 2015 edition of Cosmopolitan USA, and the February 2015 edition of Cosmopolitan Australia.


You can download my Moon Phase app for free by clicking the button below.


Featured at Apple

Apple have chosen to feature Sun & Moon apps on the front page of the USA Weather App Store this week. I’m batting above the average here. Out of the 14 apps they have chosen to be featured, 2 are mine. Cheers!

Apple Featured1


Know when the crazy is coming!

My Moon Phase + Free app has been spotted in the Top 10 Free Weather in the USA the last few days. It took me a while to figure out why but a trail on twitter showed that I owed it to the vibrant Jenna Marbles. She has 13 million followers on Youtube and this week posted the apps she uses on her iPhone, taking swing at some of the most popular apps in the store, but fortunately recommending mine. It’s nice to be reviewed in the same video as Facebook, Snapchat and Google Maps. Thanks Jenna!

Click below – however  WARNING – LANGUAGE! My app features at about 5:30 into the video.

Jenna Marbles

You can download the Moon Phase app for free by clicking the download button below.


New version of Moon Phase +

A new version of the Moon Phase + app has been released. The new version features a modernisation of the graphics, a new app icon and most importantly a new moon rise and set times panel. This contains the rise and set times of the moon at your location as well as a constantly updated readout of the distance of the moon from earth and the age of the moon – the time since the last new moon.

TodayiPhone RiseiPhonemoon_76

From left to right above – the front showing cleaner graphics, the new rise and set tab, and the new app icon.

The new versions are still fully compatible with iOS6 and they share the new iOS7 iconography.

The free version of the app is forthcoming. It contains the same new features as the paid version however will still display prominent advertising.  A “Remove Advertising” button has been added to the free version in order to make it easy for free users to pay to upgrade and remove the advertising should they wish.

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I hope you enjoy this new release, and thank you again for purchasing my apps!