New version of Sunset and Sunrise

Nearly four years ago I wrote the first version of my first app – Sunset and Sunrise. Since then, Apple has completely revamped iOS multiple times and much of that original code cannot be used to produce a new version any more. The last update was over a year ago, and the release of iOS 8 with additional location security has forced my hand – I have  produced a new version with fresh modern code for the user interface. I have been careful to keep the original feel of the app that people love, while using Apple’s latest methods that will work with any new devices into the future.

Here are some screenshots of the new app at its current stage of development.

One Two Three Four Five

Careful study of the above screens will reveal that I’ve added a new feature that people have requested many times – the app now does not require location access to function. You can now choose your location on the map and it will be saved for future use without using the GPS. If you do use location access (still recommended for accuracy) you can be reassured that, as always, it only happens while the app is running. The issues with readability of text against the background have been resolved, and the UI is now compatible with the Apple’s accessibility functionality making all text resizable if you find it too small to read.

The new version runs only on iOS7 and above, however users of the earlier versions of iOS (about 6% of you) can continue to use the old version without hindrance.

This updated version of the app is available for free to existing users.